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A totally new way of paddling.
A life-changing experience.


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Hooks up to any SUP in 5 minutes.

Install it like any other fin.

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You’re in control.

Attach the controller to the top of your board or keep it in your hand. Press the big button for a long boost and the small button for a quick 2-second boost.

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Explore the ocean

Feel the freedom of exploration with the SUP Assistance mode

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Paddle with ease

Forget about the weather and enjoy your session in any conditions with the wind/current resistance mode

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Rest whenever you want

When you just want to relax, drop the paddle and use Trolling mode to enjoy a restful ride

further out

Boost Fin lets you
paddle 2x as far

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Electric Boost Fin App

Adjust speed
as you need
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Install on surf board

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“If you ever wished you could fly and catch a wave that you can’t get to when paddling manually, this electric motorized surf fin is exactly what you need.”

“Meet the Boost Fin, the next phase of man’s decades-old quest to motorize surfboards”

“I have to admit that the concept is pretty cool.”

Technical specifications.

Weight 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g)
Measurement 10.5”*9”*3.5”
Materials Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer,
ABS Plastic
Max thrust 20 lbs
Speed Up to 5 mph
Buoyancy − 0.7 lb
Battery type Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh
Power Up to 800 W
Remote 433 mhz
Time to make some waves. Time to make
some waves.

Accessories and adapters.

Longboard (standard US box) Longboard
(standard US box)
FCS Adapter FCS Adapter $29.99
FCSII Adapter FCSII Adapter $29.99
Futures Adapter Futures Adapter $29.99
Futures Adapter (Side fin) Futures Adapter
(Side fin)
Soft Top Adapter Soft Top Adapter $29.99
NSP FCS Adapter NSP FCS Adapter $29.99
Slide-in (SUP) Adapter Slide-in (SUP) Adapter $29.99
Wayler Adapter Wayler Adapter $29.99
Stick-On Fin Box Stick-On Fin Box $39.99
Flip Lock Adapter Flip Lock Adapter $29.99

About us.

Dmitri Kozhevnikov | Founder & CEO

Dmitri Kozhevnikov Founder & CEO

Alexei Ostanin | Founder & CTO

Alexei Ostanin Founder & CTO

As amateur surfers, Alex and Dmitri really struggled to get into the line-up practicing surfing in Huntington beach, famous for its swells.

Having an old shoulder injury, Alex realized that it would be a major obstacle for him, so he suggested coming up with some solution that can help people get into the lineup quicker. Dmitri supported the idea and suggested putting a motor inside a fin. The idea of an eFin that will give you that push to get to the lineup, to surf longer, and to catch more waves, was born.

Having an engineering degree, Alex got busy bringing this solution to life. He has created the first prototype and together with Dmitri, they began surfing non-stop and testing it. This is how the first electric fin was born.