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The World’s First Electric Surf Fin

Enjoy Longer Sessions &
Catch 3x More Waves

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Revolutionary Fin

Boost is Changing Surfing Experience The fin that gives you just enough of extra energy to push the limits of what is possible. A revolutionary combination of power, portability and design applied in surfing industry.

  • 20 pounds of motor thrust
  • 10 mph top motor speed
  • 60-90 min session *Battery life provides roughly ~100 8-second power boosts which is good for a 60-90 minutes surf session.

    It can also be used continuously for ~15-20 minutes (depends on conditions)
  • 3x more waves and extra fun

In Surfing, Paddling is a Big Deal. Well, Not Anymore!

90% of your session is paddling. To make the most out of every swell and every session you need to be able to paddle faster and longer. To catch even a single wave you’ll need to paddle. But if you want to catch LOTS of waves you’ll need to Paddle a lot! Boost Fin helps you do just that.

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Get to the line-up faster

Twice as Fast

Paddling strength and endurance has always come up as a struggle even for experienced surfers. Get yourself an edge to get back to line-up in less amount of time.

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Catch more waves

Up to 3x more waves

To catch even a single wave you need to paddle. To catch a lot of waves you need to paddle faster. You need that boost that Fin has to offer.

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Move around with ease

Between Different Breaks

Usually you get dragged away from the breaking point by water currents, and you always need to get back getting more tired. Boost helps you save the energy!

Boost Surfing Fin A New Level of Fun

  • Surf Longer & Better
  • Surf Better Swells
  • Catch 3x More Waves
  • Get More Confidence
  • Keep up with Others
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A Simple
5-Minute Installation As easy as installing a new fin

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Install the Boost adapter

We provide a Longboard adapter with each Boost Fin you order. You can additionally purchase 11 various other adapters on our website.

You would install the adapter the same way you install your current fin on your surfboard

Push Boost Fin into the adapter

And then screw 2 bolts in the bottom of the fin

Attach a Control Button

Attach the button to a tip of your board, or you can keep it on your hand. We provide 2 control buttons, so that you can use your fin with several boards.

And be ready to go in no time!

Pre-order now $249 early
bird pricing *

Meet the Team

Dmitri Kozhevnikov

Dmitri Kozhevnikov

Founder & CEO
Alexei Ostanin

Alexei Ostanin

Founder & CTO
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Get Boost Fin.
Transform your Surfing

Simple and fun device to get your surfing to the next level

Pre-order now $249 early
bird pricing *
It is critical for beginners to catch their first waves as early as possible so that they can get the excitement and motivation to continue surfing. That product makes it so much simpler to do so

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