Quick start guide

You finally got your fin, and now you’re ready to start using it. However, before you do, please pay attention and take the following steps:

1. Before using Fin, you must leave it connected to the charger for several hours.

2. Please note that the Surf Mode is set by default, so if you’re using the fin with SUP, it is important to change the mode in the app. Connect your Fin to the BoostFin App to change the mode.

Now, let’s get started!

Important Maintenance Notice #1

Never charge your fin if the jack is wet. Make sure that the jack is fully dried before charging.

If after your session you start noticing water inside your jack, you might have not closed the plug tight enoughconsider getting a silicon earplug. It completely seals the charging port and is very easy to use.

We recommend getting this silicon earplug for your boost.

Important Maintenance Notice #2

Make sure to fully charge your Boost fin right after you receive it, and fully charge the battery at least once a month even if you don't use the fin. We recommend ordering Leash for your boost. It will allow you to better secure the Fin on the board and not worry about accidentally losing it.

Quick Start Videos: