After receiving

Important Maintenance Notice #1

Make sure to charge your Boost Fin fully right after you receive it. Charge the battery till it is full at least once a month, even if you don't use the fin.

Before riding

The charger jack must be sealed when riding with Boost Fin. Cap it with either a stock jack plug or use a wax earplug. Boost image

Important Maintenance Notice #2

Always seal the charger jack before riding.

After riding

Rinse your Boost Fin with fresh water after a surf session. Boost image

Important Maintenance Notice #3

Never charge your fin if the jack is wet. Make sure that the jack is fully dried before charging.

Сorrosion cleaning

If you can see some corrosion on the jack, it must be cleaned off as soon as possible. Clean with a toothbrush and an electrical contact cleaner like the CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. You can also use other plastic-safe electrical contact cleaner of your choice. Boost image
After cleaning, to extend Boost Fin life, treat the contact with a waterproof lubricant for electrical contacts. For example, CRC Dielectric Grease or any similar waterproof & plastic safe grease of your choice. Boost image

Remote maintenance

To ensure a steady signal, change the battery in the remote control frequently. Boost image

If you start noticing water inside your jack after your session, you might have not closed the plug tight enoughconsider getting a silicon earplug. It completely seals the charging port and is very easy to use.

We recommend getting this silicon earplug for your boost.

We recommend ordering Leash for your boost. It will allow you to better secure the Fin on the board and not worry about accidentally losing it.